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Browser Hot Keys Based on Web Location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014440D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Pressing the F1 function key inside of a browser normally causes a default help screen to appear for the user. This is a default application help for windows, but what happens if the users want to see the help page of FAQ page for a website. F1 could be mapped to bring a user to the website's help page. F3 could be used to bring the user to a search page on the website. This would allow users to mimic system functionality on a website. a plugin to the browser or browser programming would allow an option to enable web based hot keys (Diagram 1). Hot keys could be default function keys for windows function keys or could add functionality through function keys (like the ability to view the shop cart through the touch of a function key). The recommendation is to map the F1 key to help and the F3 key to search functions on the website. Functions could be mapped using and include file or in the header to the corresponding URL for each function entered. The browser would capture keystrokes for F1 F12 before the system gets them. This would keep the system from doing default functions on the application level. The user would have the ability to turn his web-hot keys on or off. This would allow the user to do default functions for the application, like browser help. Diagrams: 1. 1