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Time Stamped Note Taking Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014451D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Time Stamped Note Taking Application: to digitally record meetings while taking notes, and be able to reference the exact time in an audio recording that a note was taken.

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Time Stamped Note Taking Application

PROBLEM: Attending daily/weekly meetings and referencing handwritten or typed notes after the fact can be frustrating. Often, one days' notes contradict another days' notes and clear definition on "to-do's" or "action-item responsibility" is unobtainable. Depending on the persons' point of view, what they wrote down may impact them, and they may disregard other items (leaving other "important issues" not documented). Majority of people only write down items that they consider applicable to them and disregard other items, as a result many "important issues" may be left undocumented.

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: There are two ways to make sure that all the notes are captured from a meeting:

1) recording the meeting into some audio format
2) writing down every word spoken at the meeting. However, each one of these approaches have some downfalls. First, there is no way to easily categorize many recordings on a computer in a manner that would make them easy to navigate. Additionally, listening to an hour-long recording of a meeting to get a single piece of information that may (or may not) have been written down incorrectly is too time consuming. Second, writing down "every" word is nearly impossible, not to mention time consuming.

SOLUTION: Using a program of my design, meeting notes will be taken in a completely different manner. This application can be run on a Tablet PC, a regular laptop, or a PocketPC.

The program will consist of two parts: an audio recording program (which runs continuously in the background) a word processing program. When a "new" file is created, the recording starts. New files will automatically be named "DATE-TIME", and users will be able to rename these files something different after the recording has stopped. The user will simult...