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Method for CID compliant, extendible, hierarchical fileset, software installation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014477D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A method is disclosed for a simple method for software installation which allows installable files to be grouped into components in a hierarchical fashion. These components are selectable for installation/removal at any level in the component hierarchy, while providing a default selection for the components installation. In addition, it handles the installation and configuration of multiple codepage support. This invention solves the above problem in a low overhead manner, while allowing for the easy extensibility of a file set. This invention allows a simple file to be created, which lists the various allowable components and the files associated with the components. These components may be organized into a hierarchy. This invention integrates with the CID architecture by providing standard CID invocation options and a response file driven install. This invention also handles installing user-selectable codepage support and the mapping of nonexistent codepages to supported codepages. An advantage is leveraged via the low overhead of this invention and its ability to allow an existing product file set to be extended by the customer. This invention follows the standard rules for a CID install. The above features, allows for software products to be installed easily without the overhead of writing specific installation code. 1