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Original Publication Date: 2000-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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This invention disclosure describes the Design of a low cost I/O bracket for Compact PCI, Mezzanine Cards which provides both EMC and ESD protection in a single piece design. This design meets all requirements of IEEE 1386 (Draft state at present) for Mezzanine cards installed onto Compact PCI cards. Existing state of the art designs incorporate expensive aluminum face plates with machined in features to permit mechanical grounding and electrical contact. In addition, state of the art designs require both expensive EMC gaskets and unique I/O connectors that provide electrical contact points for grounding the connector to the I/O face plate. This new design is only 20% of the cost of existing designs. Shown below is a very low cost, single piece part that makes reliable electrical contact between Compact PCI Mezzanine card I/O connectors, brackets and machine frames. In the flat, blanked out state the I/O bracket is a single piece of thin sheet metal (1/4 hard to 1/2 hard stainless steel) that is formed into a shape that can be installed onto a Compact PCI adapter card with two standard screws. Detailed part features and their functions are listed here. (1) The main body of the I/O bracket is coined to provide flatness and mechanical strength. This surface also contains openings for display/LED's and (2) formed flanges for electrically connection the bracket to the card I/O connector. Upward and downward extensions of the basic part are flanges with formed fingers (3) for grounding the bracket to the machine chassis. This design employs four fingers per flange. These features provide reliable ground connection points for EMC and ESD protection of the electronics card. In addition, the I/O bracket has two integral mounting flanges (4) for mechanical mounting and electrical connection of the I/O bracket to the electronics card. 1