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Binary Key Sequence To Enable Printer Off Line Functions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014504D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Bob Kruppa Bob Yoder Sharon Freedman David Fritz


Disclosed is a method for increasing the self test options that a user can perform on a printer. Typically to run printer self test options it requires that a sequence of buttons, cover openings, and/or power up sequencing is required. For example holding two buttons pressed while the printer is powering up usually will initiate a self test sequence. Today's printers contain many functions. It is desirable to exercise each of these functions individually. However, due to the limited number of buttons, switches, etc., the number of self test functions that can be performed is low. This invention utilizes only two paper feed buttons which is available on most POS printers. Pressing both buttons for a period of time (say five seconds) will put the printer in self test mode. The printer at this time will print out a listing of test functions that can be performed along with a keying sequence to perform these tests. At this point of the cycle the two paper feed buttons now become an input devices for entering a binary sequence of "1s" and "0s". One button will cause a binary "1" to be entered while the second button will cause a binary "0" to be entered. Using this approach the number of self test functions is only limited by the length of binary number which is predefined. For example suppose the length of the binary is defined as four bits long. Then a total of sixteen different self test functions can be performed. Below are listed some examples: Binary Input Function Performed By Printer 1011 Print Test Pattern On Receipt Station