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Pervasive Ordering System for Stadiums Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014549D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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This disclosed system is method a for ordering concessions in a stadium environment. The system uses Blue Tooth technology to place orders and determine where the user is in the stadium. The system is can be used for ordering, payment, and determination of the users seating location. The pervasive ordering system begins when a person enters the stadium. Each ticket is bar coded with the proper seat assignment. The bar code is a random number associated through a database to the seat assignment. The random number changes from even to even for added security. The seat assignment can be scanned in through the pervasive device or can be manually entered by the user. The bar coding is the first method for locating an individual that placed an order. Unlike 3-Com Stadium in San Fransico, this method would allow anyone with a Blue Tooth enable device to place an order. Once the person is seated and wish to place and order, the person uses the pervasive device to view and place an order from a menu. The menu is localized to the stadium because blue tooth transmitters. Once the order is placed. The barcode number is sent. Using Blue Tooth transceivers, the location of the user is triangulated. Triangulation is used as a backup means of location determination. The user has the option to pay when the order arrives, or the user could use a predefined credit card within the pervasive device. If the user pays with a predefined credit card, the credit card is sent via a secure connection.