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Extension (CVTTEXT) to REXX language to allow rules based processing of input Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014575D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Disclosed is a program that converts a flatfile of text to any other given format via a simple rules file. The rules language is simpler to learn then Lexx, Yacc, Perl, Snobol, or Lisp but nearly as robust. Performance is at least as good as Perl. Alleviates writing one-time-only parsers and greatly reduces the lines-of-code necessary while maintaining a high standard of readability (for more readable then the other languages mentioned.) Some example uses follow. Given a forum or bulletin-board file with any number of appends or posts, write a rules file to handle the repeating blocks and the variable info in-between. Output to "structured text" for importing the entire forum/bulletin-board into Lotus Notes. Output to XML or HTML for internet use. Typical rules file for this is less than 30 lines long. Given a complete SQL dump of DB variables in a standard format, write a rules file to create FTP, JCL, and SMP/E jobs to move, load, and process the objects identified in the SQL dump. Typical rules file for this is less than 60 lines long. Given SGML, XML, or HTML with numerous tagged elements in random order, write a rules file to organize the tags in a standard manner, correctly moving the text between tags with the re-ordered tags. Typical rules file under 300 lines long with subsecond response on thousands of files.