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Method and System for Visually Constructing Document Type Definitions and Related Artifacts Using a Reusable Object Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014584D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A UML (Unified Modeling Language) object model is created to model a Document Type Definition (DTD). A DTD is a grammar that describes an XML document. It includes the definitions for elements, attributes, entities, parameter entities, and parameter entities references. In this document, we will refer to this model as the DTD Model. A visual DTD Editor for constructing DTD is built on top of the DTD Model. The DTD Editor has a tree view, a design view, a graph view, and a source view. The visual DTD editor collects the meta data related to a DTD construction, and stores the meta data in the DTD Model. The advantage of using this invention is as follows: Assists user in the construction of a DTD with a semantic data model. For example, user can pick from a pick list, a list of elements to use when defining the content model of a new element. Assists user in creating reusable DTDs by reusing data from other DTD Models. This is accomplished