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Barrier for Server Flame Containment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014587D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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To sell servers to certain industries (e.g., telco companies) the system units must pass stringent qualification standards. One such standard defined by NEBS (Network Equipment Building Specification) is the ability of the machine to contain a possible fire at temperatures of 1000C and extinquish all flame and smoke within a given time. One concept to accomplish this utilizes a new material developed by 3M* to insulate fire walls of jet engines. By using this material as a shield, or barrier, attached to the side of a electronic circuit card it was determined that the NEBS flame containment/dissipation criteria could be met. The barrier material was found to be thin enough to be placed within the card spacing of an I/O frame, flexible enough not to inhibit installation of the electronic circuit cards, yet having sufficient structural integrity to form fire barriers to decrease oxygen supply to the fire. The material used could be cut and formed to the proper shape to insulate the electronic circuit cards from a flame so that combustion would be limited to a single card only. It was also structurally sufficient to extend into cross flow areas to insure blockage of air recirculation paths that could be created by the fire which would provide fresh oxygen to keep the flame burning. Thus, the material acted as a barrier to keep circuit cards from igniting other cards, and provided isolating chambers that limited the amount of air the fire could consume. Trademark of the 3M Company 1