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Control Area Size Calculation for Striped VSAM Datasets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014683D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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An algorithm that calculates control area sizes for striped VSAM datasets is disclosed. Problem: Control Area (CA) calculation for striped VSAM data set must be a integral multiple of the stripe count for striped VSAM data sets. Discussion: CA calculation for VSAM data sets has always been a factor of DASD space allocation. All allocation units (kilobytes, megabytes, and blocks) except cylinders are converted to tracks for CA calculation. An extend must be in whole CAs; therefore, the CA amount must be the lesser of the primary and secondary allocation amounts. If the allocation amount is cylinders, or the converted track amount for both primary and secondary allocation would result in a cylinder allocation for both primary and secondary allocation, the CA size is one (1) cylinder. Historically, 1 cylinder has been 15 tracks. This means that CA size has never exceeded 15 tracks to date. Striped VSAM data sets put two new requirements on the CA calculation algorithm: 1) the CA size must be an integral multiple of the number of stripes, and 2) a striped VSAM data set can have a maximum number of 16 stripes. The first requirement makes it necessary to change the initial allocation units since the CA size must be an integral mutiple of the number of stripes. The second requirement allows for a CA size of at least 16 tracks to provide for a data set with 16 stripes.