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Guided Pivoting Locking Cover Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014722D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Oct-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a method for a personal computer chassis (see figure 1) cover which is guided and locked in place. The invention acheives an advantage over other covers by means of having its mechanism made from the parent material of the chassis and the top cover. The cover is pivoted onto the chassis from front to back. As the back of the cover makes its way downward there is a guiding pin inside the cover (see figure 2) that rest on a cam surface of the chassis (see figure 3) . This cam surface acts as a guide for the cover via the guiding pin that has been formed out of the top cover parent material. As the cover comes close to its final 'on' position a locking pin from the cover (see figure 2) enters the front of the chassis (see figure 3). Once in the 'on' position the cover is locked up to down in the front by the locking pin and front to rear by the guiding pin which has been capture in its final rest position. Both the front locking pin and the guiding pin are made out of the parent material of the top cover (see figure 2). The cover is latched and unlatched via buttons on the sides of the top cover toward the back (see figure 1). The buttons are depressed inward thereby releasing the cover from the chassis. When putting the cover on the button latch slides by the clasp on the chassis. No button input is required to put the cover into the latched position. The button latch on the top cover (see figure 4) and the clasp on the chassis (see figure 5) are formed out of the parent material of each. No extra cost is involved other then decorative plastic buttons on the outside of the cover. FIG3wfrontsidechassis.jpgFIG4wcoverrearlock.jpg FIG5wrearsidechassis.jpg 1