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Dynamic Imagemap Generator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014727D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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With in the field of content management it is necessary to provide a content author with a mechanism to create an image map with a minimal effort. This mechanism should allow the content author to choose how they want their image map cut, it should generate the necessary HTML, pass this HTML to the web page and it should provide a way to associate image map areas with URLs. By providing this functionality it allows the content author to focus on creating content and not have to worry about coding HTML. This invention must be implemented inside a content authoring product. Content authoring products provide templates that allow the content author to generate web pages. These templates usually consist of an input form and an output form, are highly configurable and integrate with various industry standards. The input form is where content is entered or referenced, the output form is where the content is formatted. The Dynamic Imagemap Generator would be called from the input form and any resulting output would be passed back to the input form to be later used in the creation of the web page. Figure 1. (Work Flow) Dynamic Imagemap Generator A Java Applet would be written to allow the user to select an image to be mapped. The selected image would be displayed inside the applet and the height and width of the applet would be captured. A mechanism would be coded to allow the user to cut sections of the image into smaller pieces that can be mapped. Once the map has been cut to the content author's specifications, the coordinates that 1