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Tivoli Enablement of DCE Audit and Serviceability Events Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014738D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Woodrow Arkeketa Rick Cohen Umesh Khatwani


The Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) has a DCE Audit Service that records events that are relevant to the management of a secure environment that has the capability of generating audit files based on the manipulation (creation, modification, or deletion) of DCE resources. This can include successes, denials, and failures of these manipulations. DCE also has a DCE Serviceability Service that can store DCE message events that are relevant to the management of a DCE management environment. With the addition of the *Tivoli support for DCE, adding Tivoli event support for the DCE Audit and Serviceability functionality was deemed a major requirement. This disclosure addresses converting the audit records (found in known DCE audit files) and DCE Serviceability messages (stored in a specific binary log file) to Tivoli events that can be sent to the Tivoli Event Console (TEC). The DCE Tivoli event adapter functionality allowed for the creation of an event adapter that allows for DCE Audit records and DCE Serviceability messages to be converted to DCE Tivoli events. This includes distributing the DCE event adapter, allowing for enabling and disabling of the event adapter that gets distributed, and providing rules that will handle the events that are generated through the event adapter.