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Long Life (Contact) Recording Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014755D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Life of the slider/disk interface has been a flyability concern. This problem of head/disk interface life or reliability is under extreme stress due to ever increasing demand that the head read/write element fly close to the disk. A new slider/head design mitigates the life time problem by limiting the amount of time the read/write element of head is in close proximity to the disk surface. In this design the conventional slider is allowed to fly very high. The magnetic element of the head is moved toward the disk only during periods of reading and writing. During non-read/write operation, the element is retracted to minimize contact and thus wear. The actuation of the element can be either thermal or a piezo-electric material. In both actuation systems, the read and write heads are displaced toward the disk by material expansion or articulation of the actuating material (on the deposited end of the slider). As a thermally active system, the driving force is produced by the thermal expansion due to a temperature differential. For the piezo system the driving force is from volume change as a function of applied force. This same actuation system can be applied to the magnetic element in a side to side motion. This system would allow a micro actuator motion. This smaller (higher frequency) motion would be useful in a two stage actuator that uses the conventional VCM for the macro alignment and the element actuation system for the higher frequency, smaller alignment. 1