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Scrolling Navigation Solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014826D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Self-running Photo View Ticker Disclosed is a device called the Self-running Photo View Ticker. This device is a Macromedia Flash 4 solution primarily used to visually display a portfolio of products or services and to give one-click access to these items from a web page. It can be used as an educational or promotional tool for a wide variety of products and services. On the web page that the ticker resides, the name and photograph of each item moves from left to right across the top of the page. In the center of the screen the item name and photograph stop briefly and after about 3 seconds the photograph fades out. As the photograph disappears, all of the item names advance to the next position to their right. When the next item name is in the center of the page, the appropriate item photograph fades in and the cycle continues. A user may choose to activate the control panel to advance or rewind the ticker and quickly locate an item of their choice. They may also pause and start the ticker using the control panel. If the user returns to the home page after having clicked from the ticker to another page, and their cookies are activated, the ticker restarts itself from the position last clicked. This ensures that the user will view items that they may not have seen before and additionally gives equal distribution of exposure for each item. The Photo View Ticker was designed in Macromedia Flash 4 and works for Netscape