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Push Content for Internet connectivity service providers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014865D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Published is an Intelligent Gateway, which is an Internet router device installed in homes and small businesses. The gateway provides basic LAN and WAN connectivity, firewall security, and Intranet/Internet hosting capabilities. The gateway can be offered by connectivity service providers (telcos) as a service delivery platform to their customers. Other Internet based services beyond Internet access can be deployed through the gateway. An example of this gateway taken from the entertainment industry, is the cable box for cable TV. The cable box "serves" the "content" (TV programming) from the service provider to the devices attached to it (TV's). Third-party portal Today's Internet economy is driving device manufacturers, connectivity providers (telcos, cable companies, etc.), content aggregators (Yahoo, Excite, etc), and ISP's (Mindspring, Earthlink, AOL, etc.) to combine these elements of the value chain into solution offerings in order to attract and retain new customers. An important financial element in these companies' strategies is dependent on the long-term relationship that is created with the end-user through the product service offering. This relationship is used to communicate with the end-user to advertise, and provide additional value add sales or up-sells. It can also be used to garner additional revenue streams from e-commerce transactions that tale place for purchases made over the Internet through a sponsored portal. In many cases, though, it is difficult for a service provider to maintain this relationship because the end-user is free to traverse the Internet and cannot be locked into a single, or service provider sponsored portal page. Third-party portal Prefered portal