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Link Event Internet Protocol for communicating Link Status and Link Event Notification Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014880D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Link Event Internet Protocol for communicating Link Status and Link Event Notification Disclosed is a program protocol that Web browser applications have the ability to pre-test all the links in a document and color code links them accordingly using a new internet protocol that defines how link status information is referenced and exchanged between browsers and web servers (or web server to web server). Method for communicating status of between a client browser and a web server is needed by browser navigators wishing to convey status information about links that are part of a mark-up language being displayed (i.e. HTML). This is a large improvement over today's steps which provide very little feedback information about dead, slow or unreliable mark-up language links. The program usinf LSP to add colors to links (light green, dark green, yellow) to signify when a link should be used by initiating LSP with a remote server, querying status of markup link (dead or alive) and response time. Statistics are kept and problems found are communicated back to an email address and anticipated up time is retrieved from http server. Example implementation where the LSP Internet Protocol would be implemented in an eBusiness application stack is LSP Internet Protocol Aware eBusiness Web Server Application Stack, Client Web Browser Server Web Search Engine Web Server RAS Tool Multi-Web Server Scheduler, Client/Server LSP Internet Protocol Daemon, Client/Server TCPIP Stack, Client/Server Protocol Handler IO Resource Manager, Client/Server Communication Device Drivers, Client/Server Network Hardware. 1