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Pervasive Device Card Cataloging System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014899D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Problem: Card Cataloging systems on computers take up space, and are not always easily accessible in a library due to internal library traffic and, it often requires the user to print out the Dewey decimal numbers of the books desired. This also requires a person to go back to the catalog every time they want to do a search. In addition, a book might not be shelved correctly or might be in the checking box. How would the user know where a misplaced book is? Analysis: This invention would allow a person to look up a book anywhere in the library using a pervasive device. RF transceivers are placed in the ceiling of the library allowing a pervasive device to communicate to a server inside the library that contains abstracts of the book, Dewey decimal location, and whether the book is checked in or checked out. Each book would have a small RF transceiver inside. If a book is mis-shelved, a user can enter in a library search for the book. The server would send out a query of all the books to see if the book is in the library. The RF transmitters could be used to triangulate the location of the book to assist the user in finding the book. When a book is checked in, it's RF transmitter can be recharged. Additionally, given an appropriate display, the pervasive device could display a map of the library, with triangulated locations of both the user and the book in question. Customization technology could be leveraged as well--in an anonymous and statistical fashion, the last few books checked out by people who also checked out this book could be displayed. While this recommendation system is in place on existing e-commerce book sites, it has yet to be applied to a library system. This invention lets a user read book abstracts before looking for the book, and it allows the user to look up a book anywhere in the library. It can also assist a person in finding misplaced books in the library, and could be used to query all books in the library for cataloging purposes inside the library. 1