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Registered@ Listing for Web Browsers. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014934D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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There are many times a person is registered at many websites. This can be a nightmare when trying to remember what websites you are registered at, and what username was used with this site. Although a bookmark or "may favorites" list can be used to keep track of registered websites, this does not single out which websites you are registered at and what username you used. This disclosure proposes a registered@ button or menu option that can be added to browsers. This button would display what sites a user has registered at, and optionally, keep usernames and/or passwords to log you into that account. When a user registers at a site, the site can add itself to the registered@ list. If the option to save password and username is set, the browser can automatically log the user into the site. Unlike a "my favorites" or bookmark page, this list keeps registered sites separated from other sites by default. It can also store usernames and passwords for use on the site. Below is the typical communication between the server and client in this implementation: Client Server User Selects an Address from registered@ button or goes to a site registered in the Site checks for a registered@ registered@ file.