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Dual Spindle Disk Drive with Real-time Data Back Up Capability

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014936D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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This invention discloses a dual-spindle drive that allows the consumer to backup their data real-time on two separate head/disk assemblies packaged in a standard 1 inch thick disk drive. Since catastrophic failure leading to data loss primarily occurs in the head/disk assembly, a single drive electronics board (PCBA) should be sufficient to support the two assemblies. This drive should make a tape back-up drive or a CD Rewritable drive in a PC unnecessary. The box can be designed such that the 2 head/disk assemblies can be taken out separately, so that replacement of either assembly can be easily done in case of failure. Through software, it is also possible to offer the consumer a choice of running in a back-up mode or doubling the intended capacity in a non-back-up mode. For example, the software will allow the consumer to choose between a full backup capacity of 30GB or non-backup capacity of 60GB. It is also feasible to have non-identical HDA's in a box, such as one disk/two head as primary and one disk/one head for the backup. This would lower the backup capacity but would also be less expensive. We also conceived the feature of allowing the consumer to using the full backup mode, until it fills up and then offering the consumer a partial backup mode, replacing the oldest data with the most recent backup data. To expediently offer such a product in the marketplace, we also conceived the idea of packaging two complete 65mm mobile drives in a 95mm form factor or two complete 1 inch microdrives in a 65mm mobile form factor, and use software to offer the consumer the above protections and features. While this path is much more expensive than the above mentioned redesign drive that removes any unnecessary redundant component, it may still have a favorable consumer reception due to the unique features of real-time, fast backup with 2X faster read (read from both HDAs simultaneously) or 2X capacity (non-backup mode). 1