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Methodology for implementing a simple product enhancement to facilitate diagnostic ability when product produces a message or reason code using reuse macros Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014946D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed a method of modifying a re-use macro so that the expansion of the macro causes a branch to a product external location on each invocation of a message macro or reason code macro. This facilitates servicing of the code by allowing for trace and trap points on the common location. This make any error or reason code easy to trace. By implementing thru the use a re-use macro only a couple of lines of code must be changed to implement the enhancement for the entire product. The next compile of the product then automatically picks up the change. This technique could be used on any product written in any language the uses a common macro to accomplish the issuance of reason code or messages. This solution will be implemented in a future release of the IBM USS component (5695scpx1) and will allow IBM USS level 2 support to simply and easily obtain a system diagnostic dump for any reasoncode issued by the product. (USS has not chosen to implement this for messages). The USS implementation is described below: BPXXDEF defines the actions for each of the various re-use macros to take. By changing the reuse code for ASAXRSN we now are able to specify the following in the BPXXDEF ASA Dcl Asaxrsn_AlsoSaveIn Char Ext;