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Generating a grammar for calendar subjects from existing calendar entries Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014949D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a method for using existing information in a calendar database to automatically generate grammars for use in the creation of subject lines for applications allowing users to connect to calendar databases via audio-only user interfaces (e.g., over a telephone) when the system does not allow (e.g., does not have the resources to allow) large-vocabulary speech dictation. Description Some speech recognition systems (such as the ViaVoice Millennium* desktop product) can support grammars with a dictation node. This dictation node makes contact with a dictation system's acoustic and language models, permitting a user to fluently compose subject lines for e-mail and calendar applications that employ grammars using the dictation node. Some systems, however, do not have access to a dictation system's large vocabulary acoustic and language models (such as telephony applications using VXML or IBM DirectTalk*). This limitation makes it impossible for application developers to provide a dictation node for calendar applications. This invention describes a procedure for generating a grammar for calendar subjects by analyzing a user's existing calendar entries. Such a grammar, while more limited than a dictation node, would permit users to create subject lines identical or similar to existing subject lines, which would in many cases be sufficient for the user's needs when accessing a calendar over a telephone or other audio-only interface. Solution The system examines the user's calendar database and uses the text in the database to create a grammar to invoke when the user indicates that he or she wants to say the subject for a calendar entry. The following flowchart (see the Figure) illustrates the general method: 1