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Selective Hidden Note Area(s), for any blind carbon copy(bcc:) Recipients and Nested Blind Carbon Copy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014954D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Many existing office electronic mail software programs utilize a technique of sending notes to more than just the primary e-mail address that the note is being sent to, without the primary e-mail address knowing about additional recipients. This technique is called Blind Carbon Copy or bcc: which hides the additional addresses that the note(e.g., noteXYZ) is being sent to. When noteXYZ is sent to address and there is a bcc:,, these bcc: addresses also receive the note that is sent, however 'ABC' does not know that 'DEF' and 'GHI' also received noteXYZ. Many times additional information needs to be sent to and/or 'GHI' regarding noteXYZ, so an additional note would need to be drafted and sent. This applies to any number of bcc: recipients. There may also be a need to send some of the information to one of the bcc: recipients, and not to other(s). Currently, there is no way to send additional information to just one or some of the bcc: recipients without sending that note to all of the bcc: recipients, or sending a brand new note to just some of the bcc: recipients. This invention allows a person sending a note to send additional text or information in a hidden note area for any number of, or all of, the blind carbon copied recipients. This allows the sender the flexibility of sending hidden information to each of the bcc: email addresses. This invention also allows the sender to have multiple levels of blind carbon copy, such that the first level of bcc: recipients would not know about subsequent levels of bcc:. Example: Fred is sending a note to Barney Additionally, there is a blind carbon copy bcc: Pebbles, BamBam, Wilma, Betty.