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Method and apparatus in a data processing system to send commands and data to a graphics adapter from a device dependent X windows trace file Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014965D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a device that will read a Device Dependent X (DDX) trace file. The device will send the commands and data that were written in the trace file to the graphics adapter. With this invention, the trace file could be modified in order to step through the commands and data being sent to the graphics adapter. Also, the trace file could be modified so the device could read registers from any point in the trace file. The data and commands in the trace file can be changed and resent to the graphics adapter without having to recompile the DDX code. The invention's main purpose is to identify and reproduce hardware or software problems like diagnostic, stress and hardware validation. FIGURE 00 is a high level flow chart that depicts the overall workings of the invention. 0001 If the command line options were incorrect print the usage information, 0002, so the user will know how to run the invention. 0003 Open the trace file so the data in the file can be read. 0004 Call the device driver to obtain adapter access. 0005 If access to the graphics adapter was granted, print the adapter information, 0006, else exit the invention, 0009. 0007 Read the trace file and parse the strings looking for commands and data to be sent to the graphics adapter. See Figure 01 0008 After writing all the commands and data from the trace file, call the device driver to remove access from the adapter. 1 FIGURE 01 Describes how the trace file is read and how the data is to be sent to the graphics adapter.