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Method for extended NFS file system attributes to a volume manager Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014966D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a method for enhancing a volume manager to propagate Network File System* (NFS) information during import of a volume group, which would allow NFS mount information for a file system to get established during a volume group import. Today, volume managers can establish mount information for physical file systems in /etc/filesystems on a UNIX** based machine as the file system commands are aware of the underlying volume manager. However, system administrators must manually propagate NFS mount information to all servers that would serve this file system. The proposed method would provide for the administrator to imbed NFS mount information within the physical file systems containing logical volume, or volume group. After the administrator changes the NFS mount information for a file system by adding information to /etc/exports, the administrator would run exportfs to push this information into the NFS kernel extension. The exportfs command would be enhanced, and it will determine both the underlying file system and logical volume for a specific mount point. Next, it would call a volume management command which will store this NFS mount information within some volume group meta data area. The volume manager now enhanced, and a volume group is imported on the machine. The NFS mount information that was saved in the volume group meta data area is now stored in the appropriate NFS export file. For example, the administrator added the NFS mount information for the physical file system /where/the/data/is mounted on the logical volume /dev/datalv, and ran the exportfs command, it would proceed to call the volume manager to register the NFS information with the logical volume. The administrator would take the set of disks and import the volume group on another machine. The process of importing the volume group would propagate the NFS mount information associated with a logical volume for the physical file system which mounts on the logical volume by adding the NFS mount information to the /etc/exports file. Trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Trademark of The Open Group