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Portofino Clip for Visual Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014985D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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The disclosed design of the Portofino clip contains the mechanical housing and electrical interfaces needed to attach Options By IBM (OBI) features such as Video Camera's, Compact Flash units, Bluetooth wireless devices, Microphones and Audio Speaker systems to standard CRT Monitors and TFT, Flat Panel Displays. The Portofino clip design consists of a three piece, molded plastic housing that assembles together using standard fastening technologies. The housing design uses a friction hinge concept as described in Reference (1) . The mechanical housing contains a printed circuit board (PCB) . The PCB is designed with connector contacts , printed wiring and an industry standard USB, type A connector to pass signals from the attached OBI feature to the USB connector port. The mechanical and electrical performance of the device is specified in Reference (2) . The mechanical geometry of the housing and the friction hinge contained therein permits a user to install the clip onto any IBM or OEM display product. A Velcro strip is used to secure the Portofino clip to the front bezel and top surface of a CRT or Flat panel monitor rear cover. The friction hinge is designed in a way that permits the various segments of the clip to remain fixed in whatever position the user sets. The hinge permits flexibility to perform the following functions: (a) Position the clip on different monitor housings regardless of their shape