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Anger Management Mechanisms in Groupwide and Personal Interactions on the Internet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014990D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Anger Management Mechanisms in Groupwide and Personal Interactions on the Internet Disclosed is a method and system for implementing anger management mechanisms in groupwide and personal interactions on the Internet. The explosive growth in the popularity of the Internet has resulted in increased usage among people for communication purposes. The tremendous growth in email, newsgroup and Web related activity suggests its growing influence on daily lives. However, the faceless nature of Internet communications often influence user behavior in adverse fashions. Typically people behave very differently in personal communication situations than in the compartmentalized, anonymous world on Internet. As a result, social graces and politeness often take a back seat in Internet encounters. In this disclosure, we propose a simple mechanism towards anger management through software controlled features in communications applications whereby hasty and impolite responses are discouraged in favor of considered and reflective behavior. This will be especially useful in reducing the decibel levels and restoring politeness in interpersonal an groupwide communications on the Internet. We propose a software mechanism to discourage hasty and angry responses and incorporate politeness in Internet communication. This will be especially useful in the contexts of email, newsgroups, Web server based communication. It offers help in response formulation, anger related delay and help that incorporates anger dissipation techniques and promotes politeness.