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High Resolution Full Color Displays Without Optical Cross Talk Achieved by Mirrored Spacer Walls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014996D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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For full color display applications the avoidance of optical cross talk is of crucial importance. We describe a display architecture which allows us to fabricate pixel structures with high resolution without optical cross talk. Additionally , the efficiency is significantly enhanced. Figure 1 displays the pixel structure on a real scale in a conventional OLED display. Due to the Lambertian characteristic of the emission, optical cross talk is unavoidable present due to wave guiding effects and total internal reflection. These processes reduce color purity and resolution. Moreover out coupling efficiency is decreased. The idea is outlined in figure 2. In contrast to the conventional structure, our novel display consists of individual pixels which are surrounded or partially surrounded by reflective side walls, being composed of metals or other reflective layers (for example semiconductors and insulating layers). If these layers consist of metal this metal is covered with thin insulating materials to ensure electrical isolation. These isolation materials are typically oxides or nitrides which are transparent in the visible spectral range. Due to the reflective surrounding, light which is generated in the pixel structure can not be wave guided to the next pixel. Thus optical cross talk is avoided and due to the 1