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Software Solutions Kit for e-business Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015000D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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A program is disclosed that assists with capturing the integration steps for "low scale" business scenario examples, and the installation and deployment of the scenario onto a Windows NT operating system. A business scenario is a demonstration that shows the key elements of a solution to a set of business problems running "end to end". The key elements consist of a number of products and applications integrated together to achieve an end to end scenario. The purpose of the business scenario can be varied:- To provide feedback to product owners about the integration quality and solution capability of their products To provide a solution based regression test capability to the associated product owners To provide practitioners the ability to understand how a solution of this type can be constructed To re-use the artifacts for various purposes (evaluation, proof of concept, project workshop, starting point for development) A demonstration that can be used during the proof of capability stage of the sales cycle. A critical element of the scenario development approach of a business scenario is to capture the experience in such a form that it is possible to re-create the example from scratch. That is, the true proof of an example is to provide the ability to re-create the working version starting with the key elements (products, code, "make-files" and anything else that "makes it work"). A typical approach is to provide sample code and documentation that the user then proceeds to use in order to "get the example" working. Unfortunately, this approach is significantly error prone because some of the artifacts may be missing; the documentation may be incomplete; the user makes a simple mistake; or the initial environment is incorrect.