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Signal Calibration Device (SCD) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015004D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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This idea is about a tool to calibrate the signal strength of a Wireless Signal Blocker. This device is simply placed at a location with a (W)ireless (S)ignal (B)locker or (C)ell (P)hone (M)ode (S)elector. Its only purpose is to have a display of signal strength coming from the WSB or CPMS, and a speaker to notify the user that a signal is being picked up at that distance. This signal strength is displayed by 3 LEDS. A red LED represents a weak signal being received, and issue a slow low pitch noise beep at every 3 seconds. A yellow LED represents a more a moderate signal strength (not too weak, not too strong), and issues a low increased pitch noise beep at every 2 seconds A green LED represents the best signal strength being received, and issues a high pitch noise at every 1 second. This allows the user at a distance to distinguish signal strength at a distance if they are not near the device to see the LEDS. If the user wishes to turn the speakers off to avoid the beeping noise when the signal is being received, the user would have the option to flip a noise on/off switch. Besides a speaker and/or LEDS, it may also have a digital display that coverts the signal strength into a number and display it to the user. For example, if a zero is displayed, no signal is received at that distance. If the signal being received from the WSB or CPMS is at maximum strength quality, the SCD will display a value of 10 on two segment 8 (LED displays). 1