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Laptop Security System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015005D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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The idea is to provide an embedded chip in a Laptop. This chip will serve as the focal point of the security system. A transponder provided to the Laptop's owner will identify an "Secure" state when the transponder is within 5 feet radius of the system. The transponder will only be needed if the owner wishes to use their Laptop in a "Travel mode". As within the company, the system will receive its "Secure" status from the intranet. The Network address of your Intranet can be configured, which is used by the system to determine if its in a "Secure" state or not. This invention will solve many of the security problems experienced by the Laptop users. For example, the chip will provide a software and an hardware shut off of the system if the transponder is not within its range. As, even on airport or while traveling, the owners will keep the Laptop within range from themselves, which will help them secure the system without any extra work. If an external entity tries to start the system, after it has been shut off as the transponder is not in range, the system will sound an alarm defining its "Un-secure" mode. The process of communication between the transponder with the owner of the Laptop and the embedded chip located inside the Laptop, satisfies the "Secure" state requirement during the "Travel mode". So, even if the owner is not physically using the Laptop, another user could interact with the Laptop as long as the transponder is within range. This differentiates the ability to identify if someone is just using or moving the Laptop as compared to actually stealing it. To provide extra security, the software part of the system, will require the user to type in a password, in case the transponder is stolen. If the password is not correctly identified to the system, within three tries, the system goes into "Un-secure" mode. Therefore, the system will automatically force a software and an hardware shut off on the system.