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Intelligent Internet Browsing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015012D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a software system for browsing internet web pages, URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) in a more intelligent way. Currently existing browsers like Netscape* or Internet Explorer* reloads the whole page or every item in the web page every time the user browses through subpages. That is, it clears the entire view area (screen) and redraws everything. This new idea does compare the current page with the next subpage to be browsed and checks for whether data to be displayed is the same in any area of the page. If any data whether it be a gif image, text or anything else is exactly the same, that part of the area is not cleared but stays the same. Only the part of the area that is new is cleared and redrawn with new data. This is done by the client browsers on the client side. Within a web site, the underlying subpages often times have same data e.g. on the top, to the left or in any part of the screen. This may be a banner, company logo, menu options or anything else that the website wants to communicate to the users. A webpage is typically constructed with many small parts. The parts of the page that are the same do not have to be redrawn but can stay visible all the time while only parts of the page that is new can be cleared and redrawn. This is done by making intelligent diffs (i.e. comparing the current webpage, usually a html file and the next html file) of the webpages on the client side. The comparison of the html files is done in the following way in this given order: 1. Read current html file into memory.