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A Disk Storage System with some or all of the Electronic Components Separated from the Hard Disk Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015080D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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We disclose a "cardless" disk drive. More specifically, we disclose a disk storage system with some or all of the electronic components separated from the hard disk assembly. The electronic components are moved from the hard disk assembly onto the computer or storage system that controls the drive. Current hard disk drives have an integral, attached PCB card containing a microprocessor, interface, digital signal processor, channel, motor driver, SDRAM and flash memory. In this invention, these components, or a subset, are integrated onto the motherboard of the computer. The elimination or simplification of the hard disk drive's card would significantly reduce its cost. Furthermore, certain components could be shared with the computer or among multiple drives in the system. For instance, most hard disk drives use a microprocessor that runs at about 1/10th of the frequency of a typical current personal computer processor. The function of the hard drive's processor could be absorbed into the main processor of the system. Other components, such as memory, could easily be shared among the computer and hard disk drives. Another embodiment of this disclosure would be to use one card for multiple drives. One could control, say, 8 drives with one card. This would reduce the overall cost of the system by consolidating the solid state memory, processors, interface and possibly the motor drivers. The main advantage of this invention is cost. The removal or simplification of the card from the hard disk drive would significantly reduce its cost. The added expense to the computer to absorb these components, however, is minimal. The computer already contains a PCB, processor, and solid state memory. Only a few additional components, such as the motor driver and interface, would need to be added.