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RFID key to prevent the illegal usage protection of appliance devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015106D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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This invention is describing how to prevent the illegal usage protection of appliance devices. New generation appliance devices will become more small and more thin. In this case, it is too difficult to implement the physical keylock solutions. And increasing connected appliance devices need a lot of keys to prevent illegal usage. This key inventory is new issues. The combination of RFID key and generating ID key can solve the above issues.

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RFID key to prevent the illegal usage protection of appliance devices

  High functional RFID key functional devices(RFID key) can generate new RFID  keys from key-ID, user information, date information and devices-IDs. This  RFID key is encrypted by public key. Therefore, if user lost this RFID key,  user can reset all his protected devices via network. How user can enable to  use the protected devices. The protected devices must be connected to network  or has its capability. When user reaches its target devices, its device can  read encrypted RFID key via wireless. After reading its device decrypts its  RFID key and check its including information. If its decrypted information and  its conditions are right, user can use its protected device. User can make and  set more complicate RFID key with the protected devices capabilities. This  invention is to enable multiple access by a RFID key with much secured  conditions. And prevent the illegal usage by using of public key in devices  and private key on network.

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