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Eyewear Retainer with Integrated Speakers and MP3 Player Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015114D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Portable MP3 players are marketed towards active people of all ages, especially the sports enthusiast. When one takes a close look at the current portable offerings for the sports enthuasiast, one finds that the players are attached to the body by either a belt clip, arm band or by holding it in one's hand. In all cases, the user wears a pair of headphones tethered to the player. For the sport enthuasiast, a few problems arise: 1. If one is jogging, lifting weights, or just being active while using the MP3 player, the headset cord can easily get caught in one's arm motion. 2. The headphones can easily fall off (i.e. ear buds, or the collasable headsets that come standard with the players) from the bouncing motion, active movement and sweat. 3. Headphones may be uncomfortable to some people, esp. while wearing hats and helmets. Some customers don't like the fit and look/appearance of headphones. Many find the earpieces that fit in the ear (i.e. ear buds) to be very uncomfortable. We have found most MP3 provided headphones to be uncomfortable after 15 20 minutes of use in active activity.