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Variable intensity X-ray view box Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015118D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Currently X-Ray view boxes have two intensity settings, and are lit with fluorescent lamps. The intensity of fluorescent lamps can not be adjusted easily. I propose using a group incandescent lights indirectly lighting a rough flat white surface inside a view box. The rough surface would be separated from the viewing surface by several layers of clear Plexiglas and frosted acetate. The viewing surface would be white Plexiglas. The layering will create a even intensity across the viewing surface, which can be adjusted in a linear mode. The control of the intensity could be ether electronic or electrical (dimmer switch). In the case of an electronic control, the intensity could be used in a DC. fashion or sweeping through the intensity range at a cycle rate just above the persistence of the human eye. A portion of the same circuit could also be used to control could also be used to control ambient room light. By adjusting the ratio view box intensity to ambient light intensity you could optimize the portion of the image of interest. Radiologist have developed techniques for looking at that information which is recorded on X-ray film , but not readily discernible to the human eye. This is a skill built up through years of experience. This invention should allow a less experienced Doctor the ability to view additional information on X-Ray film. 1