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A Dynamic Tree GUI Element for Internet/Intranet Web Applications in Multi-User Environments Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015119D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Problem: The tree metaphor is a very common way of showing a user large amounts of data using a parent-child relationship. This metaphor is quite simple, and works well for static data in multi-user systems, as well as for dynamic data in single-user systems. In the static data example, the information in the tree is either never updated , or is infrequently updated, and therefore, users are always presented with the most current information. Static data trees also require very few queries (or even no queries) back to the database to refresh. In the dynamic environment for a single user, that user's data is always current since updates are typically made by that user . There is a problem, however, in a multi-user system where all users are allowed to update the data in the tree. If the system is designed to keep every user's view of data current, very frequent updates must occur to refresh the tree properly. The simple solution is to refresh the tree periodically, or at least whenever the user manipulates the tree. With very large trees however, this query process can be prohibitive. This problem is magnified when using a bandwidth sensitive system, such as a web-based application. Solution: