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Internet Data Center Value-Add Feature: Information Security Breach Deterrent Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015150D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Oct-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is the Information Security Breach Deterrent, a design concept for utilization in Internet information security infrastructure areas. This concept allows for the slowing down of any information security breach, while in-progress, for any secured Internet information infrastructure. This concept is very effective in accomplishing the security breach deterrent objectives it intends to achieve. The Information Security Breach Deterrent solves the problem of requiring a few additional seconds/minutes time for the pro-active intrusion detection procedures to become increasingly more effective while isolating a security breach in-progress. Unlike traditional Firewall infrastructure design approaches, this concept combines various manufacturers of complex Firewall security technologies. By utilizing this combinatorial design concept, every malicious attacker will quickly become confused during any breach penetration, allowing more time for pro-active security/intrusion detection mechanisms to isolate the breach. This slight bit of a delay, just a few seconds, may be all that is required to trap and identify a security breach while it is in-progress. This disclosure allows any e-business enterprise to keep their secured environment more effectively secured. The breach deterrent incorporates a security Firewall sandwich using two differently manufactured brands of Firewalls. Hence, once the first Firewall brand has been penetrated by the malicious attacker(s), they will quickly be confronted with the second Firewall manufacturers brand in the next security level, confusing and slowing down their attack penetration strategy. By virtue of implementing a second completely different Firewall technology, the act of trusted-zone penetration will be prevented, at least until the attacker can discover the second layers manufacture. This secondary distraction is established to present additional confusing barriers to the attacker. However, timing is key to solving any security breach, in-progress, and this disclosure certainly lends itself towards allowing for a few more critical seconds/minutes to be added to any breach monitoring process.