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Adapter Tool which runs on multi-platform Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015182D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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It discloses an improved adapter tool, which provides optimal interface between message queues ("MQ") and databases ("DB") and also provides a developer with efficient interpreter script language. In order to connect MQ and DB, the present adapter performs the following steps. 1. Generation of Script Lists(DEFINE and COMMAND lists) (i) It reads the I/F script file that the developer has made using the interpreter script language. (ii)It generates a DEFINE list by using configuration sentences for I/F header information read from the script file. (iii)It also generates a COMMAND list by using command sentences for I/F execution read from the script file. (iv)If the sentence from the script file is sub script macro command, it repeatedly performs the above three steps to generate DEFINE and COMMANS lists for the sub script macro command. 2. Parsing the COMMAND List (i) It parses the COMMAND list and checks for command error. (ii) It generates GOTO label list, if there is found a label command (i.e., GOTO sentence) in the COMMAND list. (iii) It appoints the execution location for GOTO sentence. (iv) In order to enhance the execution performance, it connects MQ and DB before executing the COMMAND list. MQ and DB are connected until the termination of the adapter. 3. Execution (i) It waits for Send/Receive request (ii) When it receives Send/Receive request, the COMMAND list is executed line by line. (iii) In order to record the process trace information, the log message of the executed COMMAND list is registered on the log information.