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ELG device built with 4 terminal calibration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015185D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is an MR ELG device, having a built in electrical test structure, which provides a means for obtaining initial ELG lead resistance (RL). Lapping magneto-resistive (MR) recording head rows is controlled by electrical lapping guides (ELGs). ELG calibration is of prime importance in achieving proper stripe height. Differential stripe height calculations based on ELGs having two different stripe heights are used for determining such calibration constants associated with lead resistance (RL) and the product of sheet resistance and ELG track width (K). In order to calculate the constant (K), the constant (RL) must be known. In order to calculate the constant (RL), the exact height of the long and short ELG stripe must be known. Here lies the problem with differential calibration. The accuracy of this scheme is limited first by the practical issue of not being able to make 100% measurements. Second, it is limited by precision and accuracy of equipment used for determining height of each ELG stripe before constant (K) and (RL) can be calculated. Hence, this disclosure has an MR ELG device with a built in electrical test structure that provides a means for obtaining initial ELG lead resistance (RL). Once lead resistance is determined, constant (K) can be determined on a device by device basis. Because this method can be automated for 100% of the ELGs using a highly precise 4 point probe direct measurements, it is a direct and much more accurate way of determining lead resistance. Below in figure 1 is a four terminal ELG having built in method for obtaining lead resistance. 3 7 8