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Allow Remote Users Without Attached Printers to Select a Printer and Print Documents via Lotus Domino Server's Attached Printers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015249D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a system that allows users to view and select a printer from a list of printers attached to the user's *Lotus **Domino Server machine, and then print ***Lotus Notes documents using the Lotus Domino Server machine's printer(s) instead of having to print from the user's local printer. For many years, mainframe or host users have been able to print documents that exist on their mainframe system by selecting the desired printer from a list of host-attached printers. Lotus Notes users, Web users, and even handheld device users who want to print Lotus Notes documents existing in a Lotus Domino Server database cannot do this and must select a locally configured and/or locally attached printer to be able to print the document. Users who do not have printers installed, configured, and attached to their local client machines are unable to print Lotus Notes documents from databases located on the Lotus Domino Server machines. Users benefit by being able to select from a list of printers known to their Lotus Domino Server's machine instead of having to install and configure a printer driver on their local machine. Users without access to a local printer can print documents via a printer attached to their Lotus Domino Server machine. Even users who have access to a local printer benefit because they can select printers attached to a Lotus Domino Server machine which are more likely to be able to handle large print jobs or large numbers of print jobs. This solution can be implemented in one or more ways. For example: