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Perforated Adhesive Label to Hold the Keyboard Box and Ship Group Tray Together While in the Flow Racks and be used as the Merge ID Label Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015278D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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As part of developing a new ship group process it became necessary to stack the keyboard box along with a ship group "tray" in the flow racks on the line. These two items must be kept together to insure that the system unit being manufactured is packed with the proper keyboard and ship group. It is also advantageous to stack these pairs several high in the flow rack. As it turns out an adhesive label can be printed on the line which is a merge ID label which identifies the ship group/keyboard pair. This article describes a method to print this label on perforated stock so the label can be sequentially broken into pieces. The label has two perforations. The first piece broken off is the merge ID label that is attached to baggie that holds the ship group contents. The remaining label (with one perforation in the middle) is stuck to the two pieces (keyboard box and ship group tray) to hold them together. The perforation on the label is located between the pieces. Once the pieces are taken from the flow rack to be placed inside the system unit box they can be broken apart at the perforation. This insures the proper pair makes it into the flow rack. This article describes a method to solve the problem of keeping the keyboard box and ship group contents together when they are on a flow rack. It allows them to be stacked several units high. It also solves the problem of keeping the proper ship group contents and keyboard together to be scanned into the system with a merge ID. The label looks like the following: Merge ID Printed Here 1st perforation