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Right Click Dictionary Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015290D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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The invention described here- in is for when users come across a word that the user does not understand. This word could be in English, Chinese, or any language properly indexed in the dictionary. A user is on a website and sees a word they do not understand. The user would right click on the word and choose the dictionary option from the menu. Unlike technology which does a right click word search, this invention has a few unique ideas. The first is the concept of a multilingual web dictionary. This dictionary could be available on a cd or from a url on a web site. The cd could be used for efficiency, making searches extremely fast for slow connections. It could also be used as a pop-up window for web based queries. A website can have it's own dictionary or refer to a dictionary site. The primary difference is the mechanism and indexing for the right click dictionary. Indexing: User chooses a primary language. In our example it will be English. When a user clicks on a word, it determines the type of character set by looking at the character tag reference. It may then search the translated (primary language) definition and reference of the word. Some words might not have a reference(primary word associated). In this case only the definition is displayed. This allows the indexer to return results on queries for words in different languages or the same language. Index Setup