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Wireless/Portable Internet Data Center Facility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015291D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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This invention disclosure, the Wireless/Portable Internet Data Center Facility, addresses a concept for a (portable) wireless Internet Data Center. This wireless IDC is focused on managing high volumes of wireless, secured device traffic anywhere in the world. By virtue of this wireless IDC facility, achieving many innovative forms of wireless portal implementations are also straight-forward to achieve. Traditional Internet Data Center facilities are implemented as more of a permanent facility, as opposed to a portable IDC facility. For IDCs which desire and need the ability to be relocated from time-to-time (e.g., Special Public Events, US Military, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Exploratory Organizations, etc.) this is very important. Some other examples of where these advantages would seem to be very attractive are in several specialized areas, such as: NASA, NSA, IRS, FBI, CIA, US Treasury, Disaster Relief Missions, and The Red Cross)). With traditional (wired) network/telecommunications technologies including that of more traditional brick and mortar facilities this capability of easily deploying and re-deploying a portable Internet Data Center is an extremely difficult challenge to achieve, if not impossible. The Wireless/Portable Internet Data Center Facility integrates wireless satellite network switching technologies, in order to provide a portable Internet Data Center design that (as necessary) can be deployed in one location, and later moved to another location. These portable IDCs are focused on managing/accommodating high volumes of secured traditional and wireless device end point traffic. Likewise, the ability for collocation and fully-managed (secured) hosting services of Internet applications (including e-business traffic) exists. The wireless IDCs themselves can effectively be as small as a tractor trailer truck or a mobile home (even smaller if desired), or as large as the most portable building structure available in industry. This invention disclosure presents advantages that, today, are found nowhere in the world. Opportunities for deploying this invention disclosure will become self-evident, as the technologies continue to mature in this area, enabling this invention for those corporations with the insight and needs is key at this juncture in technology.