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JMS Message Driven Bean Simulator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015292D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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This Software solution simulates the message driven bean functionality that is currently not available in WebSphere on 390, but will be required for the J2EE v1.3 specification. This invention enables software programs to start session EJBs by placing messages onto message queues, prior to having the J2EE v1.3 compliant application server runtimes. The problem is solved by incorporating the MQSeries triggering mechanism into the application to perform a remote method invocation on a session EJB when a message is put on a queue by a servlet running in the Web Server. This message causes the EJB to start and retrieve (consume) messages off of the application queue in a manner that is similar to the message driven bean functionality that is described in the J2EE v1.3 specification. The significant mechanism here is the triggering event which causes the trigger monitor to make a remote method invocation which essentially "activates" or starts the session EJB, simulating the message driven bean functionality outside of the WebSphere Application server runtime. All values (JNDI lookup, ejb refs etc.) used to prepare for the remote method invocation are cached in the trigger monitor at monitor start up time. See Diagram: JM S W orkload for S ystem Test (trigger queue on E VE R Y)