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Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Problem Disclosed is a system architecture for the graphical multi-user interface (GMUI). The architecture is intended to solve a problem which is expected to arise in the future when a very large number of very low-complexity pervasive devices will need to supply a fairly complex and flexible GUI for a variety of applications. Solution GMUI is an architecture designed to support a graphical user interface (GUI) for numerous resource-limited devices operating in a client-server like environment. GMUI is based on the efficient usage of server resources by decoupling common aspects of a GUI from those which are user specific. The GMUI architecture for client-server environments is based on a centralized GUI which is initialized and invoked once (at a central location—e.g., the server), and can be used simultaneously by many clients. To allow this, decoupling is performed for each widget (graphic object) between the widget's layout and the widget's content or state. User's Variable Space is a built-in component in the GMUI architecture, and New Variable Space is created for each new user that joins the system. All user-specific widget's attributes (e.g., the checkbox state) are saved in the user's variable space. All widget layout attributes (e.g., placement, size, behavior) are common to all users.