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Slotted thumb screw assembly / disassembly socket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015312D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Slotted thumb screw assembly disassembly socket Currently, large machine type products returned to the Asset Recovery Center for demanufacturing contain subassemblies that are secured to racks with thumb screws. These screws are normally tightened and loosened by finger pressure. However, because of varying amounts of torque used to tighten the screws in the assembly process, some screws are difficult to loosen and the dismantle operator may have to use pliers to grip and loosen these screws. Additionally, some of the screws are difficult to access because of their proximity to other thumb screws and/or the rack, and again, the operator might have to use pliers to grip and loosen these screws. Both are manual processes and are not efficient. This use of pliers can sometimes damage the screw head. If damage to the screw head is excessive, then the subassembly would have to be repaired as the screw is integral to the subassembly. By designing a slotted socket wrench head, thumb screws can be removed or inserted more easily with either pneumatic or hand wrenches. Use of the socket wrench head for tightening or loosening thumb screws will reduce the dismantle process time and eliminate incidental thumb screw damage. When used in the insertion process, a more consistent torque can be applied when setting a thumb screw. 1