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Touch Sensitive Price Display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015348D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a device that normally displays merchandise prices but which responds to a customers touch by switching the display to a secondary display which make additional marketing information about the merchandise available to the customer. When a customer approaches a merchandise display like a rack of dresses, some will examine the merchandise and decide to buy and some will examine it and decide not to buy. In between there is a group of shoppers who are undecided and who could benefit from being given some marketing information about the merchandise. Today in the store there is no easy way to make that information available to customers. Displays typically don't have room for a write up on the merchandise and if it was present, it would clutter the display. In theory a customer could find the catalogue center in the store (if there is one) and try to find the dress in the catalogue and read the material. Alternately, they could find a sales associate and ask for information but it's unlikely an associate would have the kind of information a customer would want because there are too many items in the department for them to memorize the required information. My invention is an electronic display that functions as the price display under normal circumstances but which can respond to being touched by changing it's displayed data to show additional information about the item. Price displays in department stores are a reasonable size to catch the eye and would have sufficient area to allow some text and/or graphics to be displayed. An implementation could be a technology like a TFT panel which is touch sensitive. When the customer discontinues the touch (or shortly after the discontinuation) , the display would revert to it's normal price display function. This could be implemented as a single informational screen activated by a touch (and the price screen informational screen is all there is), or as a hierarchical menu system where touching the price display brings up a normal touch screen display with multiple targets. Multiple targets for a second level of selection (for a dress) could include things like "Washing and Care", "Recommended Accessories", and so on. This could be valuable for people who are fashion challenged. This is envisioned as a stand-alone device with minimal electronics to keep costs down. This makes additional marketing information about an item easily available to a prospective customer assisting in the sales process. It also provides an upscale store with something to set it apart from it's competition. 1