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Method and apparatus for displaying multiple views of one distributed domain in a single visual area Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015392D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Single Display of Multiple Views of One Distributed Domain Disclosed is a method for displaying multiple views of one distributed domain in a single visual area. In graphical user interfaces, a standard design is to include a left pane containing objects or data and navigational aids and a right pane that contains a work area. Tree structures are commonly employed to represent data, objects, or both. The information in the tree is manipulated by selecting items in the tree and performing tasks such as adding, deleting, and grouping. To support different user models, interface designers have implemented the ability to select different views of the data. Users might want two or more different organizations or representations of one distributed collection of data or objects to manage them from different perspectives. The solution is to combine multiple views in a single navigation area. The advantage of having a multiple view of data is that the user is not forced to toggle between single views in situations where the user models match different views depending on the task being performed. This allows users to simultaneously view data from different perspectives as well as have the choice of having only one view presented. The figure below illustrates an example of this multiple view design. This example represents data that might be stored in a financial application. Data can be organized based on the type of account and by the type of goods purchased. By combining the Account and Payee views, the user is able to quickly locate and identify where transactions were made as well as how they were made.