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New Method of NVRAM Data retation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015460D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20

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Disclosed is a Device which can make battery size smaller for NVRAM · which is used for Data backup in server system. On system running environment, NVRAM is used as a cache memory without any consumption of Battery power. However, once system power is failed, to retain the data on the cache, battery power starts being used until System power is recovered. This mechanism is vital for server system to provide its system good performance and reliability. Usually, battery size depends on amount of data capacity to retain. This means that backup of bigger data needs bigger battery. Furthermore, battery size also depends on how much time data needs to be retained for when system power is failed. As a result, physical battery size tends to be bigger just as amount of data and retention period increased, which could be problem for PCB of NVRAM. This disclosed can resolve physical battery issue for NVRAM. It can reduce physical battery size with keeping all availability of NVRAM mechanism. In its essence that this disclosed can provide as much data retention with smaller battery , or it even can provide as much data retention without any battery equipped. Disclosed device is equipped with Ethernet controller(MAC and PHY)and processor on it. This device is attached to the server system. And this device is connected through Ethernet to Ethernet Switch or other server system which both have reliable powers and the powers are also backed up with UPS,The device has destination IP address which can be configured when attached to the server system.